Why choose us ?

Many reasons for choosing Agromed as a trusted provider. For all your needs of olive oil Organic Extra Virgin, Agromed is the right choice:


- A philosophy of integrated group process: we are a producer farmer, processor, packer and exporter with experience and active presence in the North American market.

- We have made an art of it. Our oil comes directly from our 36 plantation sites in different regions of Tunisia giving access to different olives varieties and 'profiles' of oil which allows us to continue to provide high quality award-winning olive oils high quality to consumers at competitive prices.

- The location in an area where there is some regularity in the production

- The assistance of a team of specialists in terms of quality, taste and certifications.

- Customer service: we are proud to get to know our customers, this allows us to provide a high level of personal service with great attention to detail

- A 100% satisfied customer: Our business is based on customer satisfaction through long-term relationships, which is only part of how we try to ensure that our customers are confident that they will receive a product that meets their requirements, with honest service, a fair business when they choose Agromed.

 - All you want: whether organic extra virgin olive oil in bulk, filtered or unfiltered, we are here to help! We can ensure the supply of everything your business would need - Put us to the test!

- Competitive prices, we are constantly reviewing our prices so we can always be sure to offer the best prices on the market today.

- Urgent orders in North America, we provide small amounts of olive oil from our warehouses in Canada.

The development of a quality management system, food safety and environmental commodities.

- The provision of a modern storage center in stainless steel and temperature controlled to preserve the product throughout the year.

- The experience of the founder and his distinction getting the award for best organic farmer in Tunisia 2016.