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Agromed is a family business specializing in the production and export of food products from the Mediterranean, which explains the company name. Our commitment to our customers encourages us to continually worry about the quality of our products and provide exceptional natural products, while pursuing an important goal: to respect the ecological, economic and social environment.This has allowed  us to earn the ultimate recognition for the quality of our Products and address the international markets with confidence.The range of Agromed products is an invitation to people who want to optimize their healthcare with nutritious and tasty Mediterranean products selection.

Agromed products are an invitation to people who want to eat healthy and tasty dishes rich in vitamins.

Let your taste buds discover authentic mediterranean flavors by enjoying our olive oil and our BIO dried tomatoes, an infinity of possible recipes. Whether as a salad or as an accompaniment, our products will soon be added as a great value for your every day dishes.

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