Our recipes

  • Dried tomatoes mini pie

    Prepare the dough : Put the flour and salt in a bowl. Mix well, add the butter and mix with your fingertips until a sandy texture. Add cold water to form a dough ball. Cover it with a platic wap and let it chill for at least one hour in the refrigerator. You can prepare the dough the day before if you…

  • Avocado with shrimp and sundried tomatoes

    Cut the lemon in half. Cut the avocados in half, remove the pit and rub with half of a lemon. In a bowl, juice the other half of lemon, the dried diced tomatoes, a teaspoon of paprika, the cream, the shrimps , salt, pepper and mix well. Fill in the avocados and garnish with cherry tomatoes.

  • Ham and sundried tomato Bruschetta

    Lightly toast the bread, rub with the garlic and drizzle with a little olive oil. Allow the oil to penetrate all warm bread then spread over a thin layer of onion marmalade and dried tomatoes "Sol Tomato". Add very thin slices of mozzarella and basil leaves for decoration.

  • Mushroom risotto

    Peel and finely chop the onion. Melt it in a large pan with some olive oil. Add the rice and leave it a few minutes. Pour the white wine and cook over medium heat until it is absorbed. Add the mushrooms cut into small pieces and the herbs. Continue cooking, adding the hot broth. Let the rice absorb…

  • Club sandwich

    Peel and slice the onions. Rinse the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut into small dice. Mix these ingredients with the beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper. Heat the butter and oil in a pan and cook 2 large omelets with the previous preparation. Rinse arugula. Toast the bread lightly and brush with a little…

  • Green beans salad

    Cut the ends of the green beans and rinse with cold water. Peel the garlic. Cook in boil water in a container for 35 minutes. Once cooked, drain in a colander. Cut green beans in half and place in a bowl. Season with olive oil "Oriviera Bio" and vinegar. Add salt. Stir well.

  • Beetroot salad

    Cook the potatoes with water and then peel them and cut them into cubes. In a bowl, cut the beets into cubes. Add the potatoes and crushed garlic and olive oil "Oriviera Bio". Salt and pepper. Mix well.

  • Brocoli Salad

    In a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise, vinegar, olive oil and mustard. Salt and pepper. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Adjust the seasoning .