What do you know about Extra Virgin Olive Oil ?

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The extra virgin quality of an olive oil is a guarantee of a good quality. TRUE BUT

The qualifier extra virgin is a quality criterion since it is defined by the regulations based on physicochemical and organoleptic evaluation criteria, but as for wines of which its quality varies from table wine to raw wine, for extra virgin olive oils, quality also depends on the type and variety of olives, their degree of maturation, the type of extraction system and conservation.

Color is an oil quality criterion. FALSE

Indeed, the green color, with more or less intense yellow highlights exclusively depends on the type of olive, degree of maturation and the extraction process. Only the presence of red highlights is indicative of a poorly maintained oil.

A bitter extra virgin olive oil and/or pungency is a poor quality oil. FALSE

The spice is characteristic of fresh oils, young and rich in natural antioxidants : polyphenols.

The acidity of olive oil is perceived by the taste. FALSE

Acidity is a measurable parameter only by chemical analysis ; and anyway, this does not necessarily imply a good flavor.

An unfiltered olive oil is a low quality oil. FALSE

Unfiltered olive oil contains micro particles (olive paste), which will tend to settle to the bottom of the container. The presence of these particles is therefore not to be considered as a defect. In a way, this is proof of the authenticity of the oil; unfiltered olive oil is genuine oil that preserves its content of good nutritional health and preserving its benefits.

Freezing olive oil is a low quality oil. FALSE

Olive oil may solidify in cold weather, from 12 ° C. Between 5 ° C and 10 ° C is the partial solidification when white bubbles start to show. This is a quite normal phenomenon; it does not affect the nutritional qualities of the oil. To remedy the situation, you just have to let the oil rest at room temperature for several hours (may take up to 48 hours) Once warmed, olive oil becomes liquid again.